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Let's go into detail how the Pokemon Multiverse works.

The First Stage[]

So, after a time of viewing blog posts, from other wikis, I have decided to make this. 

Point 1[]

The first point is that each game is a dimension of its own. Which means at least 346+ million universes. This will increase with more that are sold, which means Arceus and Friends will increase in power the later in time we are. Saves create more universes, and new games create even more, making them infinite, because each game is infinite. 

Point 1.5[]

This does not include Detective Pikachu, or Creepypastas related to Pokemon. The manga contiunties may be set in different dimensions. 

Point 2[]

In the Anime, we saw an alternative Ash who was a coward. Meaning there could be infinite dimensions in the Anime of Ash alone. Considering Red's Anime is different, it is easy to say that it is a different infinite universe. 

Screenshot 2016-04-16-08-14-39

Point 3[]

Link Cables connect universes. Adding more. Entralinks too.

Point 4[]

Celebi travels through timelines. This is a Pokemon related point.

Porygon Z: 

"And there have been Pokemon made artificially for the purpose of working in other dimensions. It's said that Porigon-Z was upgraded with the intent of it performing work in other dimensions of space. However, this failed for unknown reasons, causing its erratic behavior.

This may have been a warning from those in other dimensions. That one mustn't step into these places..."

Other dimensions, all in the same universe. Includes the Unown Dimension, Bronzong's cloud summoning dimension, the many Hoopa related things and dimensions, a Sprirt World, the Dream World, the Interdream Zone, the Mega Gengar & Haunter Dimension, the Ultra Wormholes and Ultra Space, and stuff. The Mirage System may be one too.  More infinity. And the Dungeons are infinite. With infinite possibilities. And the Primal Dialga thing is a timeline.  I am getting bored so I'll just make this go out into the big wide world. With addition, we will have the Disortion World, Dialga's space and Palkia's space and Arceus's space.