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Tier: Varies from 8-C to 6-A


Klonoa is the main protagonist of the titular series. He's an adventurous, friendly, and spirited lad who is bestowed with the power to travel across several realms known as "dreams" to avert the crisis occurring within them, giving him the title "Dream Traveller". He is often seen wielding his signature Wind Ring, which is his main method of attacking.

Powers and Abilities[]

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Temporary Flight via ears, Air Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Weapon Mastery, Expert Hoverboard Rider, Forcefield Creation (With Beam Gnome), Flight (With Hoverboard), Time Manipulation with Time Firefly, Dimensional Travel

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Wind Bullet: Klonoa fires a bullet made of wind from his Wind Ring that inflates the enemy with air. He can also use this move to carry and throw the enemies he inflated or objects. He can also use it to attack and damage enemies. It requires a ring spirit or a priestess powering the Wind Ring to do this but Klonoa was eventually able to use this move without the requirement.
  • Double Wind Bullet Tornado: Klonoa fires a gigantic tornado from his Wind Ring. Requires both Huepow and Lolo powering the ring.
  • Tornado Attack: Klonoa will summon a huge tornado that attacks and lifts enemies into the air. Another variant of this move will make him summon several tornadoes which orbit around him at high speed. He also has another version, where he summons the wind and make his opponents dizzy.
  • Tornado Attack EX: A stronger version of Tornado Attack. The attack was so powerful, it destroyed a windmill in a single strike.
  • Thunder Hurricane: Klonoa horizontally spins toward his foes at high speed while electrically charged and summoning lightning around him.